Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Game Time!

Today was a looooong day. I had to take my pup to the vet to investigate this really disgusting mole (maybe?) on her leg. She's 11 and is, what I'm calling... "moling out". (Moles, moles, and more moles. Everywhere she has moles!) Only this one is the size of a nickel and within her reach. She's been gnawing away at it and I was fairly certain it would need to be removed. I know...GROSS. Thankfully, nothing bad showed up in the tests so now it's just a matter of removal to keep it from irritating the heck out of her. They have to put her under, so my vet suggested getting her teeth cleaned at the same time, and even offered to remove a couple of other moles while he's at it. I know, bonus? Too bad teeth cleaning is big monies. Ah well, gotta bite the bullet, I guess. It's wrong of me, but I want the dang mole on the top of her head to go -- it makes her look so funny. Vain. I'm vain about my dog's looks. Sue me.

Anyway, because of said vet visit, I stayed late at work and didn't get home until about 8 o'clock. A fount of energy to write this does not make. I could barely muster the energy to think of something to post tonight. And I'm cheating in the end.

I decided it's game time. I have no idea who's out there reading this blog -- doesn't seem like all that many, but I'm hoping some of y'all will join in.

If you're a writer -- use your current WIP to play. If you're not a writer, but love books, use the book you're currently reading to play. That way, we can all play. :)

First -- figure out the number of pages in your WIP/book. Then go here and get a randomly generated number between 1 and said number of pages.

Got your page #?

In the comments, post the entire page if you choose -- or bits that you really enjoy. It's up to you. If using another author's work, be sure to include proper credit. If you blog, please pass on the game and see if we can really get it going. Don't leave me hangin', yo!

My number was 256, and I'm going to post the entire page. So, without further ado... from WALKING IN SHADOW, pg 256:

"I love you, Mac," he slurred.

"Aw," I said. "That's sweet, but if you touch me again, I'm going to remove every one of your appendages. That includes the little one, stud." I gave him a soft pat on the chest and walked away.

It was only then that I realized Jenna was gone.

"Shit," I muttered, scanning the crowd. People milled about, some still in their cars, some paired off, others in large groups huddled around the kegs someone had brought with us. I paced the perimeter of light thrown by the fires blazing in the center of the lot. She wasn't anywhere. Neither was Mike. That meant they'd gone into the surrounding woods.

Cursing myself for letting her slip out of sight, I searched the crowds again. This time for Melanie and Ty. Neither of them was present, and I could only assume they'd pursued the couple. Caleb, however, caught my attention. Chelsea was suction cupped to his side. I met his eyes, shaking my head at his unspoken question.

His eyes hardened and swept the area, coming up empty a moment later. I motioned for him to stay where he was, but as always, he didn't listen. He disentangled Chelsea's arms from around his chest and came up even with my already fast pace a moment later.

"Can you hear them?"

I shook my head. I'd tried that already. "No one's exactly


Your turn!!

On a side note, my horror fest continues.

This last weekend I watched The Stand. I have to say, I like the book soooooo much better. The movie just seems really low budget. So, if you're unfamiliar, it's basically about a contagion that wipes out most of the worlds population. There's a devil like character and a God like character, and they draw the survivors to them, pitting the good against the evil. I have to chuckle about some of the choices the filmmakers made--especially the opening scene. In it, an army base worker is alerted to a leak from one of the "vaults" on site and is commanded to "close the main gate, soldier!" He doesn't. He runs off to retrieve his family and then books it off base. The clincher is when the camera cuts back to the gate -- a friggin' chain link fence. Bwhaha. I love it. Who knew holey metal was such a paragon of safety against airborne contagions. Too bad he didn't roll it closed before beating it out of town. *snort*

I also squeezed in Killer Party. Ha. This movie is so cheesy but I LOVE it. It's centered around three friends rushing a sorority and the haunted frat house they keep throwing parties at. HILARIOUS but surprisingly freaky toward the end. It has the funniest opening to a movie ever, if you ask me. (This opening is long but soooo worth its weight in cheese. It just keeps on giving.)

Hair bands rule!!

Finally, as I'm typing out this post, I'm watching The Fog. Not the remake, but the original with Adrienne Barbeau. Again, LOVE it. Creepy lepers that come out of the fog! How much better can movies get??


Deniz Bevan said...

Hey guess what? I just rewatched The Stand too! If I didn't know that Stephen King had written the "teleplay" (that's what they called it in the credits), I would be a lot more critical of it. Especially since I'm reading the uncut book for the first time (as far as I can tell, most of what he cut was in the beginning - I'm only 200 pages from the end now). The book is so awesome and the tv version just dilutes it all. Though I love the casting (hmm, this is pretty much my reaction to the Harry Potter films too).

Deniz Bevan said...

And oh yea - great snip! I remember this scene :-)
Maybe I'll share mine on my blog next Wednesday - gotta figure out the page count thing!
Hope puppy's feeling better! I wish teeth cleaning wasn't so expensive... I'm sure our cats need it...

Sarah Meral said...

I got page 29 and I choose Linda Grimes book IN A FIX, one of some I´m reading at the moment:

"I have some shopping to do before my big meeting. If you want to come along to the mall, you best get changed. If you get my drift."
"Shopping? Are you crazy?"
"We have some time to kill. Coming or not?"
I sighed, heavily and melodramaticall, the way I´d learned from my mother. (He ignored it, the way he´d learned from every male in my extended family.)

Love the snip from Walking in Shadow! I miss Mac and Ty :)

iBridget said...

Aw, poor moley doggy.

Love to read more of Ty and Mac's story. Neat game!

The number I got was 46. This is from Ghosts And Other Nuisance Pests.

“Oh. Well, I wasn’t really planning a séance. I’m not even really sure I know what that is.”
“Aww,” said Ron. “Well, what exactly do you do?”
“Don’t pester her, Ron. She doesn’t want to talk about it.” Frances said.
“No, it’s okay,” said Paloma. She had one of the more battered flowers in her hand. She petted it and tried to make it look fresh. “I kind of get a feel for the person, or animal, or even plant or object, and decide what needs to be done during the first visit. If we can do anything right then, we do it.”
“Wait, what do you mean ‘plant’?” Frances asked.
“Well, it has happened. Once. A lady called and said she didn’t know why her plant suddenly started turning yellow and nothing they tried was working. So I went there and… well the plant seemed happy.”
Ron nodded, grinning.
Paloma continued. “Don’t laugh! I don’t advertise for plants. But this lady wanted me to go and see about the plant. So, the plant seemed happy and content. And then I got this real unbelievable thirst, like I just had chips or pizza and needed a drink. I asked how much they watered it. The lady said they tried all kinds of watering. I still felt so thirsty. I asked if there was any possibility someone could have put salt in the water or on the plant.”
“Is that what it was?” asked Ron.
“I don’t know,” said Paloma. “The lady said she didn’t think so. But she had a funny look on her face. I never heard from her again.”
Frances looked at Paloma. That was a really pointless story. Honest. But pointless. Yet, something about it – pizza! “I bought pizza,” Frances announced. “Hey, your brother’s waking up.”
Paloma, Larry, Frances and Ron sat on Frances’ steps eating the cold pizza. Larry wasn’t supposed to eat so soon after going to the dentist, but he was really hungry, he said.
“So, are you going to quit all this psychic stuff?” he asked his sister. “I was hoping you would. It’s embarrassing being in a psychic family. Like, I can’t pretend everything’s okay. When me and Jill broke up and I came to do a load of clothes at mom’s, she was like, “I know everything isn’t fine,” Larry put on a terrible impression of a nasal-voiced woman. “I can see that your aura’s all muddy. Fine. Keep it to yourself if you want, but you’re not fooling me.” Larry bit down on the crunchy crust. “Ow! Ow ow!”
“Well, don’t go to mom’s house when you’re not prepared to talk about your problems,” said Paloma.
“The only thing I don’t get is why she didn’t try to diagnose you yet. Your aura probably looks like puke,” said Larry, cheerfully. “What with having all this post traumatic stress.” He looked at Frances. “So she didn’t make a good impression, huh? And your house still has ghosts?”

Anonymous said...

Hi, so when is your book coming out a've been waiting for it ,# waiking in shadow