Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My new bookshelves have arrived. I LURVE them and spent the entire evening putting them together and pulling out all of my books. It looks fantabulous, but I'm not finished yet! I'll try to post some pics when I am.

One of the best things about this is that I now get to unpack books I haven't seen in several years. There are some real crap books in that heap...and there are some real treasures.

Case in point:


If you haven't heard of or read this book, you must, must go get it. It's a "PC" version of all the classic fairy tales and they're flippin' hilarious.

A brief excerpt from CINDERELLA:

There once lived a young wommon named Cinderella, whose natural birthmother had died when Cinderella was but a child. A few years after, her father married a widow with two older daughters. Cinderella's mother-of-step treated her very cruelly, and her sisters-of-step made her work very hard, as is she were their own personal unpaid laborer.

One day an invitation arrived at their house. The prince was celebrating his exploitation of the dispossessed and marginalized peasantry by throwing a fancy dress ball. Cinderella's sisters-of-step were very excited to be invited to the palace. They began to plan the expensive clothes they would use to alter and enslave their natural body images to emulate an unrealistic standard of feminine beauty. (It was especially unrealistic in their case, as they were differently visaged enough to stop a clock.) Her mother-of-step also planned to go to the ball, so Cinderella was working harder than a dog (an appropriate if unfortunately speciesist metaphor).

...and on it continues. I must really thank my friend Amy for giving me this book. It has provided many, many laughs.

Okay...pictures soon, promise. :)


Precie said...

LMAO! That's a riot!

Rhonda said...


So how do you organize your books? By author? By subject? And what do you do about size? Like when you have four paperbacks of a series and one hardback?

Jennifer Hendren said...


It only gets worse from there. (g)


Jennifer Hendren said...


Well, I have to be honest that this is the first time I've organized my books in some form of "logical order." (g)

That said, I split the books betwen YA and adult. Frankly, I was a bit surprised by the number of YA books I have. They filled almost half the space! (g)

Other than that, I loosely tried to put the books by one author together. Granted, some are paperback, and some HB, like you said. I tended to group the same author together in sections -- all hardbacks together, all paperbacks together.

I also put in a "classics" section, a "research" section, and whatever other groupings I could see. I still have another 4-5 boxes to go through, so hopefully there's enough space!

Oh...and I also have a third, crap bookshelf with just paperbacks, stacked two in a row, of course. I really need to go through them and find the keepers.

I'm becoming a pack rat.