Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm skerred.

I'm attending my first writer's conference. Someone needs to hold my hand so I don't make a complete jackass out of myself. (g)

It's not until September so hopefully I can build my courage before then.


Precie said...

Oooh, what conference? Are you doing any pitch sessions? Tell me more!

Jennifer Hendren said...


It's the Rocky Mountain Gold Conference (or something like that.) I haven't decided if I'm pitching or not -- it seems a bit weird to do it with D.A. still technically on the horn. It would be great practice, tho, and I'm not sure whether I should place all of my eggs in his basket at this point. LOL. I have to admit that Kristin Nelson is very, very tempting. Though my chances of getting an appt with her are probably close to nil. Other than that, I can't say I think any of the other agents would be all that interested in my work. I'll have to take a closer look. To be frank, I'm not sure KN would be all that interested as FI definitely has more of a mystery angle now. That said, I may decide to pitch her BTPM...just to see. :) Oh the choices.