Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hunting For My Muse

I'm working on FI. Yes, I am working on FI.


I've been trying any method to break back into a writing routine. One way I read about is to create a "playlist" for my books. Erm, I'm not sure this will work, as I can't usually listen to music while I write, but if I come up with a good song, I'll be sure to jot it down and add it to the list.

For the first, we have WALKING AFTER YOU by the Foo Fighters. While Gabe and Maddy will have their own songs, this one is for Maddy and Drew. It sums up their relationship, though they may not realize it just yet.


Tara Parker said...


Glad you are back in the game.

Jennifer Hendren said...

Thanks, Tara. :) It's a bit painful, but baby steps...

I hope you're writing, too!

Cindy said...

Yay, Jen!!!!

Carrie said...


This is good news!

Rachel said...

Great news, Jen. Hope that muse is co-operating!