Friday, May 29, 2009


Well, it's been a while since I've looked at FI. I haven't really hashed over all of the stuff going on in real life -- it's too long of a story and frankly, a lot of it now runs my life and I'm grasping for some semblance of normal right now. Writing is my normal and I want more of it. That said, it's surprising and weird to go over FI -- some I love. Some I just hate. All of it has me completely excited to pull it out and finish, with some changes of course.

The main thing I want to change is the beginning chapters. I now see some of the problems others have brought up (hey, it's only taken a long absence to do it!). I'm basically planning to hack off the first 2-3 chapters and completely rework them. So far, I've decided to start at a different place, changed my mind back, changed it again -- etc etc -- about a bazillion times. It's frustrating, but fun. I've found myself losing my train of thought mid-conversation, mid-crisis-work-problem, mid-whatever, and I'll end up thinking about FI. That's a GOOD thing.

And wait for it....wait for it...

I'm putting together an *cough*outline*cough* -- which, in all honesty isn't really an outline. Well, okay, maybe it is, but being as 9/10ths of the book is finished, it's really just a cheat sheet to make sure I've got the timeline, etc. correct. *right* But it's something I've been meaning to do for a while -- I'll need one anyway so I can turn it into DA with The Book. Whooot whoo... That last bit got me rather excited. :) Yes, the end is there -- it's in sight. I just need to rush out to meet it!

No more excuses. And no more letting life get in the way. *firm nod*

*Says she who needs to put it into gear lest she be late for work!* LOL.



Helen said...

Good on you Jen! Does this mean you're coming back to MA to make writing goals to ensure you get FI finished? *g*

Precie said...

You can do it!!!!!!!! I can see the bright light at the end of that tunnel now.

Thinking of you and wishing you much more normal. (Um, you know what I mean.)

Deniz Bevan said...

An outline! Gosh! Let us know how much you stick to it or if you veer off in uncharted directions... Maybe posting a snip will get you revved up? *wink*