Wednesday, February 11, 2009

*Feeble Wave*


And the winner is....THE GERMS!!!

Yeah, I'm sick. It's official. I keep trying to tell myself it isn't happening, but who am I kidding?

I didn't go to work yesterday -- slept most of the day, with occasional appearances for a glass of OJ or food. It was so unpleasant that today I tried going to work.


I lasted two and a half hours and had to call it quits. Came home and crashed.

I hate being sick. I hate the inactivity and discomfort of it all. If I could somehow manage to get things accomplished while I'm at home, I'd be happy. But seriously, all I do is sleep and hack up half a lung every hour or so. Not fun or constructive. Even sitting up to write this blog post is sapping all of my energy.

Oh well. I'm watching The Birds. I love this movie. It's something to do between naps.

I've discovered how hopelessly behind I am with life and things. Just one example: my googlereader had 325 posts in it. There's no way in heck I'd ever catch up with them all, so I hit "mark all as read." Did you know you get a pop-up warning when you mark that many posts as read? Yeah, you do. Obviously they want to make sure you know what you're doing and that you're not acting under some drug-induced psychosis. I'm on drugs, folks...but I hardly think Day/Nyquil count. But what do I know? I'm the girl whose eyes go all blurry on her for no reason.

Being sick sucks.

Anyone have some good news they'd like to share?? Come on...cheer up bubonic girl. :)


Tara Parker said...

Well, not sure if this is news that you'd be interested in, but it's good - my son said "delicious" last night for the first time. (g)

And, I'm sick too - having chest pains and all stuffed up. I can definitely sympathize, and I hope you get better soon!

Jennifer Hendren said...


Awww...did he say it with a cute little baby lisp and lots of spit?? Cuz the image of that has definitely cheered me up. :)

And eek...hope you feel better, too! I'm getting there...I made it through a full work day and even feel an itch to write (as of right now, that is. I have a feeling sleep will be a more attractive alternative by time I make it home.). So, that's a plus -- erm, the writing part, that is. Who needs work?? :)