Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good Morning, All!

Yes, it is me. I know most of you are probably rubbing your eyes and gawking at the screen in disbelief... but yes, I am back. Hopefully for quite some time, and on a regular basis.

Life... well, yeah, it's been busy. I've barely had time to check email, let alone keep caught up with all of the things I would like to on the net. And writing? Well, it's been on the back burner in a major way.

That said, I have officially taken an entire _two weeks_ vacation and have but one plan for that time... WRITE WRITE WRITE.

As part of that goal, I will also be blogging -- EVERY DAY. I'm doing this for several reasons.
1. I really do want to reconnect with all of my wonderful 'net buddies.
2. It's a way to keep myself accountable. If I know I have to check in every day and report my progress, you can bet your patootie I will have SOMETHING to say for it. There's nothing worse than reporting ZERO progress--trust me, I know.
3. It's a way for y'all to give me a swift kick in the arse if you see I'm lazing around and not doing anything. And trust me, after nearly a year without a vacation (aside from my jaunt out to Colorado last weekend), I WANT...NEED...CRAVE... ack, I'm tired... Yes, I want rest. Major rest. I'm sure I'll get plenty of that in the next... count 'em...SIXTEEN DAYS... but that's a lot of time, and I can get plenty of work done, too. Right? Right. So don't be afraid to throw me a WTF or two if I keep coming back with nothing to show for my time off.
4. I've been quiet for far too long, dontcha think? I have things to say... gripes to lodge, thoughts to share. Blogging is one of my favorite things to do... why have I stayed away so long??
5. It's just FUN. :)

So yeah... even though it was my first day of vacation, I awoke VERY early -- 530 -- and started my day of prep. Yeah, unfortunately that comes with it, too. My fridge and cupboards are a disgrace--full of outdated food that had to be tossed, and just generally bare of all essential eatable items. My first plan of action was to get that in order, and soon I'll be heading out to the store to stock up again. I want to make life as easy and orderly as possible so I don't get the urge to slack off here.

My apartment, sadly... also needs attention, but I'm not going to go overboard just yet. LOL. I MUST WRITE, too. And that's on the agenda right after the grocery store. Quite honestly, I'm not really sure where to begin... it's all a bit overwhelming to think about, but screw it... I'm going to jump in feet first and see where I land. My best option will probably be to take a small scene and see what happens. I have a couple of big scenes that have been in the back of my mind for a very long time, so perhaps I'll just pick one up and see... just see.

Okay... Deep Breath!

Hope everyone is doing well -- I'm good, I'm alive, and I'm ready to bang out this flippin' book!



Claire Gregory said...

Hi, hi, hi! Good morning! Go, girl! I'm super excited to a) see you around (because hell, I may just have missed you more than anyone (g)), and b) see you kicking, fighting, and ready to get back to it. Yay!

It was almost exactly two years between the time I wrote my last coherent thing, and the time I sat down in June this year and finally kicked my own ass back into gear. Where did I start? I went straight to the hardest scene in the book, the one that had been bothering me for years without ever getting finished, and I kicked it's ass. Lol. I didn't even stop to let the usual thoughts run through my head- how do I tackle this bastard? What if it's no good? etc etc. I just sat down, and wrote.

The whole thing, by the way, was a completely shit chapter, and I have to rewrite it completely all over again. Heh. But the next chapter, which was never quite so tough, seemed like fluffy cloud land after that, and everything since has just flowed perfectly.

I started thinking about the agenda behind each chapter- both mine and the character's- and that was kind of critical. And I gave myself permission to add two points of view to the roll call, and it opened everything up amazingly.

I'm just letting you know these things in case anything resonates :) But I am seriously looking forward to seeing Jen-posts all over my Google reader, and I have this HUGE whip I've been dying to hit someone with- and I can make it you... Mwa ha ha...

Good stuff, so good luck- and get going! Hee hee. I'm right here with you typing my little fingers off to get my MS done- remember our little challenge from a few months back? Well, I've been cranking out over 25000 words a month for the last three months, and if I can do that, you can do it too. It all started for me with a week's vacation... Just think what you can do with two...

Tara Parker said...

Glad to see you back, Jen. :)

Jennifer Hendren said...

Thanks for the advice, Claire! I must say your whip scares me. lol I'm moving rather slow this week, but hopefully I'll find my groove REAL SOON. :)


Jennifer Hendren said...

Thanks, Tara!! I've missed you. :)