Friday, April 2, 2010

Dipping A Pinkie Toe In...

Well, I'll admit my writing has been.....nonexistent. My schedule is hectic as all get out and what little time I have, I'm usually exhausted, a bit cranky, and in the mood to do nothing much other than laze around. Watch TV. Read a book. Sleep. :)

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and took one small step towards that goal tonight. I had a writing date with my friend Jenna. :) We promised each other that we would both hop online and write tonight. On IM so we could poke each other into action if need be.

I didn't want to write tonight. Oh no, Jen did not want to write. First of all, I ran around town doing a bunch of errands, taking so long doing them that I was late for our date! Then I wanted to giggle like a schoolgirl about some girly gossip things...then I wanted to give myself a pedicure and go to bed. Uh, but wait...I promised I would write. Well shit.

I made a load of excuses to myself, but Jenna--bless her--was there to remind me that we were going to write tonight. That said,I vowed I would get at least 200 words before calling it a night.

I still put it off...checking this blog...watching this video... giggling some more about our girly gossip stuff. Eventually I ran out of excuses and dang it...I had promised at least 200 words.

So, I started. And it hurt. It hurt bad, and I stretched muscles I haven't used in a very long time. But dang it...I did it. 217 words.

It ain't much. But it's a start.


We have a date tomorrow night, too. ;)

P.S. For the curious among you, I worked on FAKING IT tonight. 217 brand spankin' new words for one of the scenes I've avoided all this time. The words fall somewhere in the middle (of course) and honestly...even if I'm feeling a little rusty, there was a glimmer of that old feeling. Hmmm. :)

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